środa, 3 lipca 2013

Free Ask.Fm Likes - Get Hundred of Likes!

I decided to test Askfmlikes.com (tool to add free ask.fm likes) and this is my review article.

ASKFMLIKES.com  is Online Like Adder. It can add hundreds of likes to your answers in really short amount of time. From my test I got 500 likes in 3 minutes so It means 100 likes are added in about 30 seconds.

Why I decided to use this tool?


Answer is short and I’m sure you are here to do same thing as I did. I just wanted to become more known and askfmlikes.com is perfect site for it. Imagine YOU landing on popular page. You know what I means? You will get hundred of new questions daily and even more likes! That’s why I wanted to test that online like adder. I landed pretty quickly on popular stream and everyday I’m getting more and more questions… I jumped from having 7 Q’s a day [most from friends and random people (those which ask – like for like or question for question? Lol)] to over 50s Q&A’s. Amazing feeling when you see hundred people like each of your answer and of course If your profile look nice you will get also some compliments and followers.

What I like About This ASK.FM LIKE Adder:

- You don't need to installany software.
- It's super fast tool, It can add HUNDRED likes in 30 seconds.
- Free to use.
- I like enjoying hundreds of likes coming to my answers :)